Throughout the years, Bastet Noir’s aesthetics have always been oriented more towards slick, minimal and monochromatic looks. We love the simplicity they come with and the serene aura they have around them. So, naturally, our first reaction when we saw sequins all over fashion items this season was “Derek Zoolander called and he wants his jacket back”. But we have to admit, there is something about them that is kind of exciting, now isn’t there?

The fact is that this winter season will undeniably be a shiny one. Sequins are in vogue this winter, coming in styles we never thought could be so chic and casual. So, here are the top 3 styles, we would wear even in the unforgiving light of the day.


Sequin bomber jacket

Sequins and bomber jacket is definitely an unusual mix, wouldn’t you agree? With its laid back appeal, the jacket has also elegant notes threaded in it. If you aim for more casual look, tone it down with jeans and a white plain shirt.


Golden sequin dress available at Bastet Noir

Getting all dolled up is part of every girl’s routine, especially a weekend one, or whenever you attend a fancy party. The sequin dress can really provide that extra elegance to your look. Warning though! We suggest if you go with a sparkly seqiny-y dress, tone it down with simple outerwear and don’t use jewelery. It’ll just clutter your look and the whole outfit could easily turn from elegant to extra kitch.


Sequin top

One of our favorite sequin items is the sequin top. To keep it simple, pair it with jeans and oversized coats. Other metallics are also welcomed, as long as you don’t go overboard, but a detail here and there, like belts or pocket sequins would blend in perfectly in the whole ensamble.

Get the party started in shinny and shimmering sequins. Trust us, they have certain “je ne sais quoi” to light up your mood and since the festive season has already began, it’s time to channel that badass bitch and light the party on fire.

If you’re going nuts over this trend and want some more sequin inspiration head over to our sequin collection or our Pinterest board which is filled with sassy sequin finds just for you.