30 Outdoor Entertaining Ideas From Pinterest

Warm weather is here and the season for a little outdoor entertaining is upon us.

Gardens, decks, patios, and pools are where we all want to be now that it’s almost summer—and whether we’re hosting a dinner, birthday party, barbecue, wedding, cocktails, or a picnic, there’s something undeniably fun about playing host with the most.

To inspire your outdoor entertaining this spring, we gathered 30 cool outdoor entertaining ideas from Pinterest–from DIY photo booths to drinks tables with a fresh twist. Keep scrolling and prepare to throw the soirée of the season.

1. Spray colored circles on the grass setup a game of outdoor Twister.

outdoor entertaining ideas from pinterestPhoto: Capitol Romance

2. Create a hanging table by suspending a plank of wood from a tree.

3. Make a skewer station to make serving meat easy and mess-free.

4. Set up a DIY salad bar to let guests create their own perfect meal.

outdoor entertaining ideasPhoto: Intimate Weddings

5. Get creative with the way you display your event program or menu.

6. Use honey, jam, and other condiments as table centerpieces.

7. Fill mason jars with homemade lemonade or cocktails and store in an ice-filled bucket.

outdoor entertaining ideasPhoto: Style Me Pretty

8. Set-up crates with cushions and floor flowers for a casual, makeshift outdoor setting.

9. Fill vases with slices of lemon and flowers for a fresh center piece alternative.

outdoor entertaining ideasPhoto: Indulgy

 10. Create your own DIY photobooth using strips of ribbon or bright fabric suspended from two trees.

11. Love popcorn? Make a tasty outdoor station to keep your guests snacking.

outdoor entertaining ideasPhoto: Style Me Pretty

12. Pre-make cocktails and lemonade and serve on a dedicated drinks table, complete with cute straws and mason jar glasses.

13. Stuck for dessert ideas that won’t make a mess? Scoop ice cream into a lined muffin pan and serve individually.

14. Treat your party-goers with corn on the cob, served on skewers so they can be eaten standing up.

 outdoor entertaining ideasPhoto: Flickr

15. Use a mini wagon to walk around and offer to refill your guests’ drinks.

16. Make individual, layered dips that guests can carry and eat standing up.

17. Offers guests small paper bags filled with cherries and fruit.

outdoor entertaining ideasPhoto: The Every Last Detail

18. Use nature to your advantage and string cute Polaroid snaps and fairy lights to the trees. You could even give your guests a Polaroid camera and ask them to add their own party snaps.

19. Use recycled, spray-painted cans to make outdoor cutlery holders.

20. Make a bubble station–fun, and a perfect photo opportunity.

21. Set up a relief station with bug spray, flip-flops, and cold towels (if that weather is hot.)

outdoor entertaining ideasPhoto: Bridal Musings

22. Provide guests with warm blankets on cooler days, or if the party carries on into the night. Add “snuggle up” or another personal message to the basket.

23. If the party is likely to keep going all night, lather outdoor pots with paint that glows in the dark.

24. Offer a DIY sundae station with ice cream, candy, and chocolate.

25.Keep flies away by cutting a lemon in half and add cloves to it. Set the lemon halves out in bowls about 30 minutes before food will be going on the table. The smell will deter flies from swarming around the food.

outdoor entertaining ideasPhoto: Moss Green Images

26. Hang an old, empty photo frame from a tree branch to use as a quirky photo opportunity throughout your event.

27. Use jars to serve packets of chips and crackers instead of the (ugly!) packets.

outdoor entertaining ideasPhoto: Two Shades of Pink

28. Invite your friends to play a game of ring toss using painted, empty beer bottles and embroidery hoops.

29. Uncomfortable outdoor seats? Pick block-color cushions in a range of different colors and arrange them on the seats for a comfortable and colorful option.

30. Make your own rustic, outdoor chandelier using timber, candles, and mason jars. Sure, this DIY is a little time intensive, but the end result is totally worth it.

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30 DIY Outdoor Entertaining Ideas for Summer Parties

Originally published April 2015. Updated May 2017.

Credit photo. StyleCaster