6 Beauty Influencers You Should Be Following On Instagram

By: Micki Wagner

By this point, you know all about beauty gurus like Jeffree Star and James Charles on YouTube. But there are a bunch of amazing, creative beauty influencers on Instagram, too! So we’ve decided to introduce you to a few Instagram beauty accounts that we think deserve some love.

1. Pii.ka
If you love looks that are editorial, then this account is for you! Jenny has everything from beautiful eye looks you could totally recreate to lip art that looks like it could be hung in a museum.

2. PaulaWWolf
Paula is your girl if you’re on the hunt for the best mascara. While she has fab beauty tutorials on IG and photos showing off her impressive face art, her Mascara Monday vids, which get up-close and personal with her eyes to show off different mascara formulas, are something truly unique (and perfect if you’re like us and want beautiful lashes without buying 40 mascaras to find the best one.)

3. Twigmakeup
Whoa. That’s the best way we can describe Lizzie’s makeup: just whoa. Her looks are abstract, elaborate and totally different from what you’ve seen before (like this eerie creature makeup she did for Halloween).

4. Cassmariebeauty
Nail art is so underrated, and Cassandre Marie shows off gorgeous nail art and shades on her account. Her nail art is beautiful yet not too complicated, like this pretty pink and black mani, which is just the kind of inspo we need to do our own nail art!

5. JodieHulme
Does Jodie do your typical makeup look? Sure. But what makes her IG account so mesmerizing are all of the not-so-typical looks she does, like this Banksy-inspired one or this interpretation of the burn book from “Mean Girls.”

6. _ks_makeup_
Unless you follow _ks_makeup_, you’ve probably never seen looks like this. They’re both approachable and original beauty looks. Our personal fave is this emerald green eye look with a neon orange inner corner. Plus, we’re obsessed with her fluffy brow game!

All of these beauty accounts inspire us to use makeup and nail polish to express ourselves, and honestly, we stan these gorgeous expressive queens!