8 Flannels That Show Him Your Upper Body is Just As Warm As Your Vagina


The warmth these flannels will give your upper body is equal to the warmth your vagina gives his penis, which is so warm, or so we’ve heard! Like from porn and dirty talk.

  1. You might be cheap when it comes to clothing because this flannel is obviously from Forever 21, but when it comes to cumming, you are also cheap because no man has to pay to get it into your vagina, which is pretty much a hearth for dicks!

2. Does the plaid match the pubis? Probably, this is Brooklyn!

3. I meaaaaaaan damn.

4. MMMMMMM. The toastier the chest = the toastier the vagina!!!

5. Too bad this slim fit flannel wasn’t there to save Jack Dawson when Rose didn’t share the door.

6. If you wear this fucking flannel, the weight you gained in your boobs from taking the pill in your early 20s will melt right the fuck off!!!

7. So warm, but not wet! A wet vagina is good for sex, but a wet flannel is bad for life.

8. Wow. You can call your vagina Banana Republic after you’re done with his banana. Because this flannel is from Banana Republic and his penis is kinda shaped like a banana! And your vagina is the republic and his banana is in the republic and you are wearing a shirt from Banana Republic. Does this make sense?


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