Above and Beyond Underwear Fetishes

The world of sexy men’s underwear is riddled in between homophobic stigmas. But the truth about it is women loves to see men in sexy underwear as much as gays love it, or even more at times. A man, whether he is as straight as the lines in a ruled pad has to at some point admit, that lacey fabrics and men’s thongs does provide the comfort that ordinary briefs just cannot.

The sexier the material, the sexier a man gets. Or maybe that’s just some of us. Wearing the thongs, c-rings and jockstraps is often beyond underwear fetishes, it’s a personal claim of sexiness.

Do you become objectified when you wear a sexy pair of men’s lingerie?

Perhaps, but admit it. Sometimes it is nice being objectified by another person.

Becoming the object of their desire keeps you lingering within their fantasies and create a more intimate and sensual relationship with your partner.

Becoming a naughty sexy man who owns several pairs of hot sexy men’s underwear can boost your confidence as being someone that somebody else craves for.

We are all visual creatures, this fact isn’t isolated to the male human species alone, women included. Feed your partner’s fantasy by giving in to bulge enhancing pair of boxer briefs that gives you enough room to flaunt your package. Just consider it as the play before foreplay.

It feels like it is crossdressing

Some men find it difficult to give in to the laces and thongs because they feel like laces are made for women alone and it is crossdressing when they do.

Well, plenty of women would beg to disagree. Lace fabrics are made for both genders and unless you choose a pair from the women’s section you are not crossdressing.

Crossdressing would mean wanting to look feminine, however, there are wide variety of sexy men’s lace underwear that are made to make you stay masculine and look flattering on the male anatomy.

Sexy men’s underwear is for “playtime” alone

While this may ring truth for several pieces, it does not mean it is for everything. A lot of sexy men’s underwear has come a very long way on how they are built to be durable and withstand daily activities.

Men’s thongs for example can be worn daily for work and play. Wearing a sexy pair boosts a man’s confidence level by claiming sexiness, regardless of body type. It is something that you cannot buy or reproduce, it resides in the mind and can be activated by a simple pair of sexy underwear.

It doesn’t provide enough support

When choosing to go for the lighter materials such as silk, satin and laces it may look like it cannot provide enough support for your boy. But you’d be surprised how men’s underwear are not manufactured.

They are built to look and feel good. They are durable too and the seams are contoured to make pouches to give your boy room as opposed to thinking you are wearing a women’s underwear that will not provide the coverage you need.

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