African Pride Black Castor Cleansing Rinse Review | Why I Can’t Stop Using It

Some days I wonder why I even go to the beauty supply. Take one look at my dresser and you’ll understand why. It’s littered with half-used, never-opened and empty bottles that could easily fill a small storefront. There are multiple jars from one brand and about five different versions of edge control. But amid my pile of, for lack of a better word, stuff, is just one scalp rinse: the African Pride Black Castor Miracle Cleansing Rinse ($4.99). The reason I only have one is that until about a couple weeks ago, I actually hated them.

First, I’ll admit my disdain for them is sort-of tied to my penchant for being straight-up lazy. It’s a good thing those of us with textured hair can go days and even weeks without washing our hair. Because if that weren’t the case, buildup would be falling from my head the way Ally Sheedy’s dandruff snowed on her desk in The Breakfast Club. I’ve never looked forward to wash day and when it does come around, my goal is to always make it as short as possible. So the idea of adding a rinse on top of my shampoo and in between washes seemed counterproductive.

Plus, I came to the conclusion that cleansing rinses did the same job as a clarifying shampoo anyway, even when I’m wearing a protective style. In both cases, you have to get your hair wet and they usually have the same ingredients. But if you don’t like dry shampoo, there really are no other alternatives to keep your scalp from becoming a product wasteland while you flex in box braids or a sewn-in. Yes, there are also no-rinse options, but the ironic side-effect of those is just more buildup. More money spent just to experience more of the same issue? No. Thank. You.

All things considered, you can understand the depth of my side-eye upon receiving African Pride’s new Braid and Scalp Cleansing Rinse. To be honest, I thought of maaaaybe giving it away, until I remembered the job of a true-blue product junkie is to give everything a fair chance. So I embarked on yet another cleansing rinse experiment–new braids in tow–with the expectation that I would once again be disappointed.

Except…I wasn’t. Actually, I was speechless. For once, something with extra leg work actually made the time spent strategically holding braids and a kitchen hose simultaneously feel worth it. My scalp felt clean, but not the kind of squeaky clean that leaves it sensitive to the touch. My braids still looked fresh and remained secure at the root. I think it has left to do with the tiny nozzle and more to do with what I consider a perfect mix of scalp detoxers.

First, there’s micellar water. I consider this the less aggressive version of apple cider vinegar. Don’t get me wrong, I love the latter, but it can feel aggressive when you’re using on a regular basis. Micellar water is just as effective in clearing away grime but way gentler. Then there’s peppermint oil which literally feels like the perfect rush of cold air and also has antimicrobial benefits. Also, what’s a textured hair product without the growth-promoting wonders of black castor oil? This is the first time I’ve seen it in a rinse and I’m not mad at it. Add in the dandruff-fighting powers of coconut oil and you’ve literally got a hero product.

Now here’s the caveat. It isn’t online yet, but this was just too good to not talk about. Until it’s on Amazon or Sally Beauty’s website, you can get a bottle of the African Pride Black Castor Miracle Cleansing Rinse at most beauty supply stores for $4.99. I promise it’s worth getting off the couch for. And if you need something to hold you over, I recommend trying any of these buildup busters and other African Pride standouts.

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