All of us are unique and so is our body type. Wondering what your body shape is and how to identify it? We have put together a guide on various body types for both men and women and how to identify them. Find your body type by matching the descriptions below.


PEAR- Beyoncé

The pear body shape is the most common female body type. If your hips and back are wider than your shoulder, then you have pear body type. The pear women are relatively flat chested as well. Some of the celebrities who have this kind of body types are Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton and Rihanna. If you have a pear-shaped body, wear outfits that would minimise the hip and thigh area. The best type of clothing for this body type is A-line dresses. If you are wearing pants, it is better to keep it wide as well to complement your body type.

HOURGLASS- Scarlett Johansson

An hour glass figure is easy to spot as the bust and hip area are almost similar in size, and the waist area is narrow. Considered as the dream figure, the hourglass figured women are much envied. Most of the clothing suits them and the ideal tops for them are scooped or V-necks as they accentuate the bust area. Dresses and one piece outfits are perfect for this kind of body type. If you are an hourglass figure, A-line skirts and dresses and fitted jackets are a great option. Katrina Kaif, Scarlett Johansson and Priyanka Chopra are some examples of celebrities with an hourglass figure.

RECTANGLE- Cameron Diaz

You have a rectangle figure if:

· You do not have a defined waist

· Your hip is of similar width as your shoulder

· Your bust size is small or average size

· Your bottom is flat

A lot of clothes fit this body type well. A good idea is to use bright colours and tops that highlight your waist. You can also use 3/4 sleeves as they usually work well for a rectangle. Cameron Diaz is the best example for a rectangle shaped woman.


When your bottom half is smaller than the top part of the body, then you have an inverted triangle body type. Another way to identify this body type is if your hips are narrower than your shoulders or bust. This shape is a desirable one as most clothes look good on you. Since you have broad shoulders, while dressing up for this body type it is important to take the attention away from the shoulders. You can wear A-line skirts and bold patterns. Do avoid skinny bottoms as it will accentuate the wider shoulders or bust. Some of the famous celebrities with this body shape are Naomi Campbell, Teri Hatcher, Demi Moore, Giselle Bundchen, Lily Donaldson, Cindy Crawford, Michelle Obama.


PEAR- Jack Black

If you are a triangle body shape, then your shoulder and chest will be narrower than the waist and hip. You will have fat on your thighs, hips and rear. This might make your shoulder appear to be slipping. A triangle shaped man should focus on wearing well-fitting clothes and choose darker shades as they will flatter your appearance.

APPLE- Seth Rogen

This type of body appears round particularly in the stomach area. The apple body types have narrower shoulders so it is important to focus on lengthening the torso and make the shoulders look wider. It is a good idea to wear vertical stripes and wear fitted trousers. For an apple shape body, do not wear horizontal stripes colourful belts or t-shirts as they draw attention to the waistline.

RECTANGLE- Jesse Eisenberg

A rectangle body type male has shoulders as broad as their hip and waist, and the torso is straight. So the focus needs to be on making the shoulders look larger than what it is. Avoid wearing baggy clothes and always try and wear shirts that are lighter in colour as they add bulk. While shopping for trousers, keep the fit a little loose around the lower area of your legs as it will add some thickness to the lower body.


The inverted triangle or the V-shaped body types have wide shoulders and chest but narrow hips and waist. A classic example to explain this body type is Michael Phelps. It is a good idea for these body types to wear a nicely fitted shirt to show off their upper body. The best colour for an inverted triangle is the lighter paler colours.