Almost Famous


Just looking through trying to find some music for my dad’s restaurant video, and came across this album! If you don’t know, this was a band in Tampa about 10 years ago, Southside Serenade. My friend, and later business partner, was the guitarist.

We all became friends though, as they were my first step into the professional video world. I was doing the behind the scenes videos, filming shows, recording studio, doing music videos for them and stuff for about… a year or two? I don’t remember.

Pretty dramatic story, but the summary is they were defining the details with Atlantic Records, I believe, and they asked me to join them on tour to film everything…

I was 19 and my friend and I were, what seemed like, weeks away from dropping out of college, and going on tour. Told my parents and everything.

Things didn’t work out and the band broke up, BUT they’re album is still for sale on iTunes, and it is one of my favorites of all time.

Who We Are by Southside Serenade on Apple Music


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