Wearing a choker is strenuous work. The constant itch around your neck and struggle to keep it in place requires too much energy. I don’t know about you but i’ve got bigger problems to worry about so more often than not, chokers become an inconvenience. Although I may seem against this entire trend, I am no stranger to it. Trust me people, I am guilty of having a pic or two on my Instagram with a black velvet choker on. Why? Well let me begin by saying that a good choker can make you feel empowered. You feel snatched and ready to conquer the busy world of fashion. Chokers are also having a moment, I mean have you seen the hundreds of celebs wearing them?! They’re everywhere. If you are a fashion enthusiast, like myself, then you definitely gave them a shot at some point.

But feeling great with your choker only lasts about ten lousy minutes.

After that, the real problems begin.

Not only is your attention solely on keeping your choker facing forward, but you are also restricted with what you can or can’t do. Anything from an abrupt head turn to a cough can disturb your perfect choker arrangement. Sneezing became the biggest problem for me. Lets just say that by the end of allergy season I had destroyed three chokers. That’s right, friends, my powerful sneezes had caused me to lose three of my favorite accessories. However, after that I realized that chokers restricted me in many ways. Were they actually worth it?

Every move I made had to be carefully calculated.

This is no exaggeration, in fact, I felt myself barely moving my neck and becoming stiff every time I wore a choker. My neck cramps gradually worsened and my sneezes were suppressed.

Chokers are not worth sacrificing your neck mobility. I felt constricted every time I wore one and enough is enough. This trend may still be alive but my will to wear one is certainly not. If you are one of the few people that can successfully handle wearing a choker, then props to you girl! Keep on wearing them if that’s what makes you happy. But in my case, a girl that values comfort and adaptability, I will be ditching all of my chokers as of now.