Are Your Boots Ready for the Winter Weather?

Leather, suede, rubber — whatever they’re made of, your trusty winter boots keep you from slipping and sliding through the chilly months. Use this guide to give your boots a little extra TLC that will keep them going throughout the entire season and make sure your toes stay toasty and dry.


Before the icy weather hits, pre-condition boots with a protective sealant like this for leather and like this for suede. It’s always smart to test any materials on a small portion of the shoe before applying it all over to make sure the fabric isn’t going to get stained or permanently darker.

Another good idea is to reinforce your boot’s soles before rainy and snowy weather arrives. Trudging through icy sludge with a broken heel? Noooo thank you. Find a local cobbler or schedule a shoe repair through your 2ULaundry account to reinforce the soles of your boots.


You just got back from an epic snowball fight and all you want to do is toss off your boots and stretch out in front of that fire. Not so fast! The moisture from rain and snow along with the salt generally used to help clean it up is a deadly combination for your winter gear.

Spend a few minutes cleaning your boots up…your toes will thank you next winter:

1. To remove any salt residue, dampen a cloth with some diluted vinegar and wipe the boot down. Focus on metal parts like zippers and buckles. Salt tends to collect on these, making them rust and difficult to open and close.

2. Stuff boots with newspaper to help them keep their shape and dry them away from direct heat. Exposing wet boots to too much heat right away can damage and crack the material.

3. For suede shoes, invest in a specialty brush to gently scrub stains and dirt away.

4. To give boots a little extra love, use a specialized boot shine once they’ve completely dried to help further protect and maintain their quality. We’ve got a few of our favorites listed below.