A Delhi based youngest curator and owner of an Art House known as Meraki Art house, Chandni Gulati is going to host ‘Epiphany’ art exhibition at Artizen Art gallery from 12th October to 16th October.

New Delhi — “Epiphany” is the 6th in the series of events organized by Meraki Art House and will showcase the artwork of 35 young artists with various genres.

Chandni Gulati started curating the art exhibitions at the age of 22. Chandni hosted the first show titled as “Krishiv” at Lokayata Art Gallery, New Delhi. The exhibition will feature the work of 34 Indian artists & 1 French artist with various genres such as Abstracts, Landscapes, Crafts, Realistic and Madhubani.

Notable artists include Adarsh Bala Maira, Arshad Saeed khan, Ashish Aggarwal, Ajit Pandit, Atul Pandita, Bhabani Pramanik, Deepika Kapoor, Jyotika Sharma, Kirti Singh, Maneesha Shukla, Niru Yadav, Nilima Agarwal, Kripajyoti Nisha Singla, Pooja Chopra, Pooja Sinha, Prabir Bagchi, Priya Choudhary, Rashmi Pradhan, Renu Jaspal Singh, Ruchika Rehal, Sana Khan, Sarfaraz Ali, Saryu Lunial, Shruti Singh, Simranjeet Singh, Sonam Chandra, Suresh Chandre, Sumit Sohal, Sona Kapoor, Sureel Kumar, Vinod Prakash, Watinungsang Longkumer and Dominique Deve from France.

Meraki Art House is a one-stop for all the art lovers, providing them with a platform to showcase their artwork. Having held several art exhibitions over the past years, the owner of the event is elated to announce that this October “Epiphany” will be exhibiting in New Delhi, giving people the opportunity to appreciate the work of young artists.

Existing art by Meraki Art House

The theme for the show is “My Soul through my Palette” which is the artist’s own creations, reflecting their thoughts in their unique style, works displayed will be reflections of the souls of the artists who created them.

According to Chandni Gulati who is hosting the event, “I want to create an artist friendly environment through my shows and exhibitions, where each artist gets their own time to explain what they feel of art and why they like what they do, through dialogues and conversations. This is how I feel the value of art might grow in our country”

The aim behind the shows is to provide a platform to the young talent and the youth artists to introduce and showcase unique and modern styles of working by the talented minds.

All the promising future artists are given an opportunity to enrich and showcase their talent to the mass. This will give the opportunity to present themselves and also learn a lot from the fellow artists. The artists are from different states and have their unique styles of portrayal through art.

About the curator

Born in New Delhi Chandni Gulati, did her schooling from Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi, completed her graduation from College of Art, New Delhi. Chandni started curating the art gallery events at the age of 22. She is a trained visual artist herself. She curated her first show at Lokayata Art Gallery, New Delhi, titled “Krishiv” and has done 5 art exhibitions till now.