Being Accountable


That’s why I am here. To honour my artistic path by committing myself to publishing my embers of creative genius. Stoking in place.

Weekends’ art work. It’s Spot! This lovely old boy is Eric’s father’s dog. A dashound cross. His father, kind but austere, not overflowing with compliments pronounced it magnificent. A compliment indeed. With a little shadow under the body it’s for his Christmas present in a wee frame.

Then a meet up group organiser texted me this monday to see if I wanted to join her that morning for spontaneous life drawing. Here is this beautiful young man who practices his passion, 3 martial arts. I just don’t know if he’ll do it again though, he was new to modelling so it may have been a one-off self-dare. Hope he does, great muscle definition to draw.

This monday I went to draing and painting class and did a still life drawing. Here it is. Kristina is such a great teacher.

I called a creativity coach this week and checked my old coaching files. It’s seven years since I didn’t complete the coaching course! Wow. That is amazing. I looked into doing a creativity coaching course and then decided I would indeed like one myself. I found someone and left a message.

Today I got a job inteview lined up for next week across the lake. I also have another possibility. We will see.


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