Beyoncé Eats Cheetos on Her “Cheat” Days, Confirms She is Human

Try, for a moment, to picture Beyoncé snacking on something—anything. Drawing a big blank spot in your brain? Yeah, exactly. It’s because the idea of Beyoncé doing something as human and ~*basic*~ as shoveling a fistful of junk food into her gullet seems out of place for a modern-day deity. But according to Bruno Mars in a recent interview with Rolling Stones, Beyoncé does snack. In fact, Beyoncé snacks harder than your 4th-grade bad self, with her apparent vice being a big bag of Cheetos.

“Me and Beyoncé were both working on our diets, stressing out,” said Mars about the 2016 Super Bowl. “Then the day before [the Super Bowl], we’re watching playback backstage and she’s eating a bag of Cheetos. I’m like, ‘That’s what you’re doing?’ She’s like, ‘There’s nothing more we can do these last two days. It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be. So, I’m gonna enjoy this bag of Cheetos.’”

beyonce cheat day cheetos

Photo: Getty Images

Stars! They’re just like us! Sure, a person eating the powdery crunchy goodness of Cheetos is not at all revolutionary, but anytime Beyoncé does anything, it’s somehow magical, and not even Bruno Mars is immune. “She’s not fucking joking around,” said Mars. “She’s going to get onstage and show everybody why she’s the best every single time. She’s got that monster in her.” And that monster apparently runs off of Cheetos. Swoon.

Credit photo. StyleCaster