Beyond the Basics: When You’re Ready For a More Eye-Catching Suit

We’ve been running a blog column called “The Must Haves” for a little while now, where we discussed the basic items you need in a variety of categories, from suits and dress shirts, to ties and shoes.

Now it’s time to move beyond the basic necessities of dressing up and into new levels of style. If you already have a gray suit, it’s time to start looking at a suit that is uniformly you and stands out. When this time comes, here’s what you should take into consideration.

  1. Let’s Talk Color

When going with a basic everyday suit, gray and navy are your go-to’s, with black as a solid back-up. But when you’re looking for a really tailored, handsome suit for yourself, your color palette opens up. In this case, you want to pick something that will appear striking, something that can make you stand out in a crowd at a formal event. Two of the best colors for this are light blue and plum suits, both of which are considerably rarer to see. Brown can also be an interesting choice, as it fits a business environment but less used than blue or gray. Camel is particularly stylish shade of brown if you choose to go this route. Find a more unique color that helps this new suit stand out from the pack.

2. Pinstripes or no Pinstripes?

The pinstripe seems to have fallen out of favor lately. Once a male standard, particularly for the workplace, many people find a traditional pinstripe suit old fashioned. But depending on the cut and color, a pinstripe suit could be a great choice for helping you stand out in an era that doesn’t’ use them as much anymore, particularly if paired with a great fedora for an old-school, classic look.

3. Get a Vest Too

For pure versatility’s sake, you should try to get a vest that pairs well with the suit, either matching or contrasting it. This gives you the largest range of options when it comes to dressing wearing it. Sometimes you don’t want to wear the jacket ( particularly if it’s a wedding–it gets hots as the dance floor heats up) so having a vest that works with this suit is a good option to have.

4. Get a Pair of Shoes Just For This Suit

Sure, you could most likely just use the same black or brown shoes that you do for all of your suits, but if you’re trying to have a stand-out outfit, you should probably get a pair just for it. Wear these shoes less often to keep them looking showstopping for longer.

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