You have to have some kind of cool or chill in your personality. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand the meaning of the term itself and how to start following that.

The world is changing constantly, so in that fact, we need to keep changing with the world. Following the new changes with the world with the new laws, rules, and many other things that have changed over the years.

Change can also be a scary thing in life. But if you want your life to change in any area or any way, you must try to work on that yourself, on your own terms.

Regardless of those who try or even force change for you, going against that if that person is your own family or friends. Eventually they will see how they didn’t nor ever had the right to force anything on you that you didn’t want in the first place.

Reality itself is a lot to keep up with and meeting all the logical standards and expectations of others and per being a responsible citizen and human being of society!

And even in many situations in our lives, we all feel pressures and forced to meet their standards and expectations just to make them happy and make their work and their jobs succeed. But they forget that no one (no matter their label) should not force anyone to change or even form them into someone they are not, nor do they want to be.

You can’t force anyone to do anything. You want change from them in a certain area, you must respect that you can only try and educate, inspire and encourage them to change themselves. But you cannot force them to change.

If they don’t want to, then you should respect that. But if they do change and you may or may not like it, it’s because they prefer to inspire themselves on their own terms, but appreciate the effort and work on inspiring, encouraging healthier, positive change for them. It’s what they believe works for them and follows their own beliefs, values, priorities and much else.

Change may be scary and many of us may feel that overwhelming feeling but if we want change, we must be open and accepting to the fact of being uncomfortable in the present time. In order to get any kind of change and putting aside the choice of being uncomfortable to get change, it also involves an element of risk.

With every big decision, comes an equally important share of the risk. – Demi Lovato, Can’t Back Down (Camp Rock 2)

You also must understand as per the fact that we must be open and willing to feel uncomfortable in order to earn change in result, also meaning no positive change happens in the comfort zone.