We’ve all heard of the saying, “Less is more”. Well, the same can be said for your closet. If cleaning out your closet and getting rid of all those unwanted clothes is something you’ve been putting off for ages, well, there’s not time like the present!

Set aside at least 3 to 4 hours to purge your closet because it is not simply a matter of flipping through your clothes and tossing out 1 or 2 items. Then (if you have one), put on your playlist of workout tunes to get you in the mood for working!

Your next step will be to empty out your entire closet of every single item into one big pile. If you have other items of clothing in drawers or in a bureau, collect these, too and add them to the pile. Shoes and jewelry must also be included.

Since your closet has probably not seen the light of day (or a good clean) since you moved in, give it a really good dust and wash. At this stage, feel free to take a short break for some fresh air and a snack to reenergize.

Now comes the tricky part. You will need to be ruthless by sorting out your clothes into 4 piles: 1) Keep:I love and wear this often; 2) Maybe: I like this and want to hang onto it; 3) Donate: the item no longer fits or I don’t like it anymore; and 4) Trash: not even fit to donate.

Just keep going until you finally have 4 distinct piles. Then, have a look at your “Maybe” pile and think about the possibility of wearing each item within the next 6 months. If your answer is, “no”, you know what to do!

Now, your “Keep” pile should be ready to return to your closet. Finally, admire how much more space you have and how good it feels to have purged your life of all this unwanted baggage!