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Brandon Yarchuk, from U.S.A., is a third-year fashion design student currently pursuing a BFA.

He designs and constructs both garments and jewellery. His source of inspiration for design is the modest household; one that has been lived in for a while, has a bit of wear, and evokes comfort and personality. His favourite aspect of fashion is its direct correlation to every facet of a society it belongs to.

What is your current role? My current role is as a fashion design student. I fit designing into my daily life by taking time every single day to draw (whether it be in marker or ballpoint pen, in a sketchbook or a composition book), and when I have the time, I sew.

What inspires you to create? The need for comfortable, unique clothing inspires me to create every single day. I am a jewellery designer as well, and I often find that my clothing and jewellery complement each other perfectly, making a juxtaposition that nobody else’s clothes could come close to. Being in a world of trend-followers who thrive off of fast fashion, I aim to be the opposite, and creating is one of the perfect ways to do that.

How would describe your style of design? My style of design is comfortable and accessible. While I strive to find new design details I can alter to create more interesting pieces, I also try to make sure that my designs are accessible to a wide audience and are practical. While I appreciate the avant-garde, I aim to keep my brand wearable for everyday use. What I believe is new about my work is that I do not try too hard. I design easy, fun, practical, feel-good clothing, I am working to collaborate more with other designers/artists, and I am trying to introduce more artisan techniques into my pieces.

Who do you design for? I design for men and women in their late-twenties and thirties who live in a modest house near a city, who frequent art galleries, and who would rather invest their money into food, travel, and clothing, as opposed to their home and cars.

Have you ever worked on a collaborative project before? Do you think collaborative design can be the future for fashion? I have worked collaboratively, but with a student photographer and model. I am in the process of working collaboratively with a musician and digital artist, and I am also planning on working with a photographer soon for print-making and creating garments from these prints.

On your opinion what makes a product desirable? Color is probably the most important element of a product that determines its desirability.

Who is your favourite designer or brand? Can you afford to purchase items from them? If not, where do you alternatively buy your clothes from? My favorite brand is Gucci in its current state. I can definitely not afford to purchase from them at this point in time, but what appeals to me is their use of color and timeless design elements, so I thrift for my clothing and sew my own pieces for what does not exist yet.

If you could be involved on the design of a piece of clothing or a collection from the past, what would it be? I would absolutely love to have worked with Iris Van Herpen on her Haute Couture collection from the AW 13/14 season. However she produces her clothing is otherworldly. I seriously do not understand how she creates what she does, but I would love to learn.

What music are you listening to now? I listen to a lot to sound collage and plunderphonics. I create a lot of jewellery from found objects, so hearing the equivalent to my work in audio form inspires me endlessly.

Please share with us an artist or a piece of art that inspires you. Why does it inspire you? Odilon Redon’s noirs fascinate me like nothing else, and more specifically, “Crying Spider” would be the one piece of art I would own if I was told I could own any. It inspires me by his minimal use of color, his historical context being before the Surrealists, and his ability to convey heavy and fascinating imagery without depicting more than one subject. Spiders are also my favorite animal.

If you were given a choice of having only one colour to use for the rest of your life, what would it be? If I could only design with one color for the rest of my life, it would be grey. Grey is a neutral tone that can look right on any skin color, and it does not constrain itself to a certain aesthetic. Grey can be young, grey can be old, and grey can be energetic or tranquil.

Please share a film you could watch over and over again. I could watch “It’s Such a Beautiful Day” over and over again because it is a prime example that artists can have a solid message and a high emotional impact without creating technical masterpieces.

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