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Marynara Persego is 22 years old and was born in Americana, Brazil. She lives in Portugal since she was 16 years old, and e spent the last three years studying Fashion Design in Lisbon.

She believes that fashion is a very expressive way to communicate, it is very direct and it speaks about who we are and how we want to be seen.

She developed a great interest for sustainable brands and lifestyle and everything she does, from illustrations, sculptures or any other form of artistic expression. She always gets inspired by nature, organic shapes and simplicity.

What is your current role? I’ve graduated in Fashion Design and I’m currently studying Sculpture at the Lisbon University of Arts. I like to see what people dress and I try to notice what is the message they want to send, consciously or not. Designing is about illustrating or writing down ideas. It’s something I do very often and I’m always extracting something new from old ideas that weren’t very organised. Since it’s a natural process for me, I just do it.

What inspires you to create? Nature and confort. Nature is absurd, it’s incredible how it can be so sumptuous and pure just for being what it is.

How would describe your style of design? Comfortable, light and bold. I try to send a message of a mature boldness and not only rebellion and extravagance. I love the details that require this boldness to be appreciated but maintain the elegance.

Who do you design for? I design for the brave! This is the best way of replying to this question. I love to see men in skirts, women in suits and children who choose what to wear. I love creating to people who show the strength of their personality through the details of what they dress.

Have you ever worked on a collaborative project before? Do you think collaborative design can be the future for fashion? No, this is my first time. I find this project very interesting, sometimes people create unique and fantastic pieces that remain inside a drawer simply because it only one piece and not a whole collection. It’s a way of opening doors — or even better: drawers! — and putting together all these ideas creating a global project. The future is not defined by just one concept but it’s amazing to think that the vision of people from all over the world can create a balanced collection.

On your opinion, what makes a product desirable? A product is desirable when it dresses well and is original.

Who is your favourite designer or brand? Can you afford to purchase items from them? If not, where do you alternatively buy your clothes from? Issey Miyake and Stella McCartney. I cannot choose between them. F I can’t afford to purchase them, yet. Alternatively I shop where all the mortals do: Zara and Mango. I usually go crazy on shoes. I have some shoes by Vivienne Westwood and Jeremy Scott that say a lot about how I am on the inside and relate to how I want to be seen. In this case, I present myself as how I dress, in neutral tones and without standards.

If you could be involved on the design of a piece of clothing or a collection from the past, what would it be? I would have loved being part of the development of Diane von Fürstenberg’s envelope dress. She is incredible!

What music are you listening to now? Kiara by Bonobo.

Please share with us an artist or a piece of art that inspires you. Why does it inspire you? Marc Quinn. Gold, blood and giant flowers? Incredible, pure and genuine.

If you were given a choice of having only one colour to use for the rest of your life, what would it be? White. All pages and sheets ready to be filled with stories or creations, start white. I would go for all the imaginable accessories I could wear without getting tired of them because in the end the core would always be white.

Please share a film you could watch over and over again. Into the Wild — I know everyone already seen this movie and always share the same cliche quote, but it’s an extremely honest cliche. It makes me think a lot about the real value of what I have and what I do.

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