Creative Elephant Tattoo Designs For Men And Women


Elephants are huge animals with significance in many cultures, particularly in Asia and Africa. These huge creatures can be used to scare the ranks of enemies at war, but are not considered to be quite deep meaning.

These days, elephants have become part of the fashion world. Elephant tattoos have been and are becoming more and more and more popular among tattoo lovers. Even when tattooed, they do not only have a sense attached to them, but many and enough symbolic meanings. Prosperity is an adjective that is often associated with elephants. Strength and protection are still other adjectives that are often associated with an elephant. However, the list does not stop there. Other meanings that are associated with elephant tattoo designs include luck, strength, peace, wisdom, nobility, memory, longevity, determination, invincibility, fidelity , community, creation, determination, and happiness.

The tattoo elephant of meaning and variations

The elephant, as mentioned above, is an animal associated with many symbolic meanings and therefore has a lot of variations when it comes to the tattoo card. Let us take a look at some of these.

The symbol of holiness …

A tattoo elephant is also considered sacred and holy for the animal is considered sacred in many cultures, such as Indians. Even Pliny, a Roman philosopher considered as sacred elephants and says they symbolized renewal.

Elephant Tribal Tattoos — Nature Link …

Tribal tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers, and the elephant tattoo design is yet another favorite in tribal tattoos. The exact meaning of the tribe elephant tattoos has been lost in time, but is considered a link to our Mother Nature.

The pink elephant …

A pink tattoo elephant is considered associated with the interior of your party animal. Pink Elephants have been made famous by the American writer Jack London since he used to describe the case of hallucinations after a drinking binge in his novel. So get that pink elephant inked if you have a gala evening.

Cartoon elephants

Elephants have also been used in cartoons, and are usually quite a favorite character among kids. Cartoon elephant tattoos therefore symbolize those who love childhood memories and moments that you have spent. Many who want to relive those good memories and remember in these times would have a tattoo elephant drawing done.

The elephant of Dali …

The work of the surreal Spanish eccentric Salvador Dali, the meaning of a Dali elephant is quite left to interpretation. However, a tattoo elephant supported by spider-thin legs meant to represent the men of the tent in support of their desires. However, some simply get this inked tattoo for its visual appeal.

These are some of the variations of an elephant’s tattoo designs, all of them very cool and chic when in fact, inked. If you are really a fan of elephant tattoos, you can certainly want to consider making one of these variations inked on your body. However, there are still many more models that you can get inked on your body. Here are some 50 more creative elephant tattoo designs that you can choose from and get inked on your body.

Little tattoo elephant on ankle

Elephant head with tribal hairstyle tattoo thigh

Elephant head tattoo on the finger

Dali elephant tattoo side for men

Dali elephant tattoo on the back

Baby Elephant Tattoo Side For Women

Little elephant tattoo wrist

Amazing 3d elephant head and tattoo thigh name for women

Amazing tribal elephant head knuckle tattoo

Cute baby elephant playing music tattoo foot

Tribal tattoo african elephant

Polynesian elephant tattoo on the belly

Inked gray elephant seals and tattoo birds on the shoulder

Cute colorful tattoo elephant on the neck

Polynesian tattoo elephant

Tribal Elephant tattoo sleeve for women

Indian henna style elephant tattoo side

Ornament of elephant scapula and floral tattoo

Colorful butterflies and tattoo elephant on the back

Tribal elephant tattoo

Little black elephant anklet tattoo

Colorful 3d elephant head tattoo arm for men

Tribal tattoo elephant for men

Abstract back of a tattoo elephant

Amazing Elephant tattoo on the hand

Cute dumbo elephant tattoo on the belly

Little elephant tattoo behind the ear

Little elephant tattoo ankle outline

Little elephant wrist tattoo for women

Amazing 3D Elephant Tattoo Arm For Men

Elephant and tattoo shoulder birds with quote

Elephant Ornament of Tattoo Thigh for Girls

Little black elephant tattoo behind the ear

Small henna style tattoo elephant on the ankle

Cute Elephant Tattoo Neck For Girls

Cute dumbo tattoo elephant

Elephant head and tattoo octopus

Elegant African Elephant in the jungle tattoo backpacking

Cute Elephant tattoo sleeve for girls

Cute elephant foot, tattoo

Cute twin elephants and heart tattoo arm

Cute elephant tattoo outline on the finger

Creative Elephant Tattoo Designs For Men And Women


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