Cute Short Hairstyles to Step Up Your Hair Game Big Time


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Cliché dictates that short hair’s far easier to style and manage than long hair, but anyone who’s worn anything shorter than a bob knows how baseless that line of thinking can be. Short styles require an effort to tame too—you don’t have the safety of a messy bun to fall back on—but once you’ve got a good grasp on the types of cute short hairstyles you can create, the possibilities are endless.

These looks run the gamut from standard issue to totally new and innovative, so whether you want something that’s just a step up from your daily ‘do or something that’ll make a real statement, you’ll find inspiration.

blunt 9 Seriously Cute Ways to Style Short Hair

Photo: Getty Images

Thick, coarse hair can seem impossible to style, but a blunt cut that stops a few inches above the shoulders is an easy shortcut that doesn’t take much effort to maintain. All it takes is a bit of mousse (embrace your texture!) and it even looks best when air-dried. Score. Add a deep side part to this look for a little more drama.

assymetrical 9 Seriously Cute Ways to Style Short Hair

Photo: anthonycuts/Instagram

Asymmetrical cuts are not exactly geared toward wallflowers, but if a bold, eye-catching look is what you’re after, it doesn’t get much better than this. Plus, it grows out super easily into a longer layered cut when you’re over it.

brit + co cute short braided hairstyle

Photo: Brit+Co

The elegant fauxhawk has seen an upswing in popularity, and for good reason: It creates an edgy effect that can be worked into classic hairstyles to make them look significantly less cookie-cutter, like this pin-curled take on a braided bun.

rubi jones cute short threaded hairstyle

Photo: Rubi Jones

Here’s one you haven’t tried before: Bypass basic bobby pins, and sew your hair into place with a needle and thread. Seriously. It adds a really cool, artsy touch to short styles, particularly with a deep side part and hair you want tucked behind your ear.

keiko lynn cute short ponytail hairstyle

Photo: Keiko Lynn

Dress up a teeny-tiny bun or ponytail by adding a generous amount of volume at the crown by teasing or using a strong-hold volumizing spray on dry hair. It’s a great way to up the glamour factor of short styles in a way that’s still casual and wearable for everyday.

twist me pretty cute short bun hairstyle

Photo: Twist Me Pretty

Lest you think that hair on the shorter side can’t manage the same messy updos as longer hair, behold this knotted version that makes it easy to get the same kind of twists and texture.

the glamourai cute short messy bob

Photo: The Glamourai

Fine hair is well-suited to a choppy shoulder-grazing bob; all that’s required to give it this kind of sexy, fuss-free look is a wave-enhancing spray and, if hair is freshly washed, a texturizing product for some grit.

anh co tran cute short messy hairstyle

Photo: Anh Co Tran

One of the coolest, easiest hairstyles out there, a layered, slightly feathery bob is as universally flattering as it gets. Arm yourself with a curling wand to create loose not-quite waves, and you’ll never have to worry about your hair ever again.

bye bye beehive cute short chignon hairstyle

Photo: Bye Bye Beehive

Yes, a chignon is possible on short hair if it’s about shoulder length. This technique is so simple: Use a headband with elastic pulled down toward your ears and wrap and tuck generous sections of hair beneath the elastic—that’s it.

Originally published September 2015. Updated March 2017.

Credit photo. StyleCaster


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