Gabi came home and we went to a nearby park to walk and research songs we wanted to cover. Listened to mp3’s from our iPhones which both fit in each pocket of my flannel. We had quite the list. She and I equally get excited about collaborating, but also about the songs we share with each other. Beautiful, moody, emotional, dark. We have similar tastes in music. Came back to the house for a lunch break, then dove into learning and recording.

While I was in Houston a couple days ago, I was introduced to the show Timeless. On one of the episodes, a cover of “The Sound of Silence” plays in the background. When I heard it I immediately wrote it down in my notes to cover that unique version. It was haunting and gorgeous (Nouela- check it out here). I played it for Gabi today and we kept coming back to that song. It had to be the one we covered.

So we figured out the chords from a Youtube video and broke up parts. We originally wanted to add a small musical break in the middle of the song, but as we played and made up melodies and such with our fingers, we realized the song needed to end with our piano duet. It became my favorite part about our cover. Somehow, with very little practice but very big hearts, Gabi and I came up with a version of this song that punches my own soul. I listen to it, and I am stunned. I let the piano sweep over me, and my arms have goosebumps. This is no testament to how talented or amazing we are. This is a testament to how freaking BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL music is. There are certain moments in your career when you play or sing that completely floor you (or at least me). The music hits that sweet spot that you didn’t know existed and it is just RIGHT. It’s like the universe has lined up for a split second. It’s like the clouds have cleared and you see a blue sky. It’s like you just breathed the deepest, most satisfying breath you’ve ever breathed.

We did more today. Saw the movie Jackie in theaters. It was amazing! Made margaritas and dinner while working, talking, watching tv. But that song, recording that song, is what sticks out above all the rest. I am humbled today because I did not know what this trip would be like. I did not know if people would want to collaborate. I did not know if the creative work we did would produce good art. If it would grow me. If it would bond me to these people. Guys, I have so many dreams and ideals for how I want things, like this trip, to go. I am realistic, but I always have optimistic expectations that I am hopeful for. I guess all I am saying is that this trip is more than I could have asked for, and that’s only 6 days in.

To God — my number one constant and inspiring Creator, to the beauty that surrounds us in this world, to the art of writing and the joy of playing. To making music with friends and being hopeful.

Watch our cover of “The Sound of Silence” below. Please share it with your friends if you enjoyed it and let me know what you think!



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