Renowned menswear specialist Fouzul Hameed recently presented ‘Envoy Concept 2017’, at an exclusive and high profile gathering that took place at Galle Face Hotel. The fourth edition of the showcase was held under the theme ‘infini8’ and featured all of the latest local and global fashion trends and styles in the menswear category which are forecasted for 2017. ‘Envoy Concept’ is the only showcase of its kind in Sri Lanka and the entire event was produced according to the highest international standards. 
The ‘infini8’ showcase featured a total of ten distinct collections that were inspired by the essence of liberty and elegance that are both quintessential to achieving effortless style. The Liberty, Indigo and Linen Inspiration collections were featured first and were followed by the Houndstooth, British and Earth Inspiration collections. The Street in Milano, Nationals and Ceremonial collections then followed.

Liberty Inspiration

Sleek sophistication and elegance were consistently part of each collection, which comprised the finest fabrics and embellishments as well as the latest cuts and designs from around the world. Each piece featured in the show was created using both age-old tailoring techniques and the latest technology to achieve a final look and feel that had an impeccable finish. The collections featured at the show embraced the latest international trends and will attract the attention from people of all ages. 
Inspired by colour and sophisticated patterns, the “Liberty Collection” is the ideal choice for the man looking for an “out of the box” choice of a dress shirt.

“Liberty” factor

The Envoy London Slim Fit shirt Designed by Fouzul Hameed, spells premium luxury and sophistication in every cut and stitch. Made with 100% premium cotton fabric, this long-sleeved, single cuff effortlessly body fitting apparel sheaths the torso comfortably. If it is a truly sharp look you are going for, this is the ideal choice as this will not only add flair to your already intriguing attire, but it will also ensure you receive many impressive glances and even a verbal compliment or two from random passers by at any given point.