Fall in Love or RE-Fall in Love With The Green Album


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What is “The Green Album”?

“Well it’s not my favorite Weezer album…”


Everyone has hit a point in conversation with friends, where you’re talking about your fav albums from your fav artist and then, BOOM! you start getting into a heated musical debate about why one album is better than the other. Maybe it’s just me and my friends, but I like to think we are not alone. Weezer has been the recent topic of discussion, especially with the newest cover release of “Africa” by Toto (they did it for the fans!) and their upcoming show in August at The Forum with Sleigh Bells and the Pixies. I became nostalgic for old Weezer, specifically The Green Album.

Weezer took a 5 year break after harsh criticisms of their sophomore album Pinkerton. Rolling Stone named Pinkerton the worst album of 1996…ouch. However, they came back from their hiatus serving the public, and harsh critics, a nice slice of Weezer pie. The Green Album was released on May 15, 2001. It was Weezer’s third studio album, debuting at #4 on the charts. This was Weezer’s second self titled album, but fans called it the “green album” for its green cover, and it stuck. This album gave birth to one of Weezer’s most well-known songs, “Island In The Sun.” The Green Album put Weezer back on top of the alt rock game.

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My Take

The reason I love Weezer is because they write catchy heavy riffs that demand to be heard, along with catchy lyrics that stay stuck in your head for days. As soon as a Weezer song starts, you KNOW it’s Weezer. They have created a sound that is unique to them, and The Green Album exemplifies that. This is the album you play LOUD in your room, and rock out to it like nobody’s watching (hey, at least that’s what I would do)! This album can soundtrack anyone’s day and make it feel epic. If you’re walking across campus to your next class or if you are walking across the office for that second cup of coffee, let The Green Album get you through the day. Each song is better than the last and each is classically Weezer. I didn’t just enjoy the album for its music but for its backstory; there was a long wait for this album to come out, and it did not disappoint. Frontman Rivers Cuomo said in an interview that he wrote this album fast and didn’t understand half of it, but if you ask me, that’s the beauty of it. Some things aren’t meant to be understood, you just gotta rock out to it! So re-fall in love with this album again, or give it another try, or maybe enjoy it for the first time.

Top Tracks

Hash Pipe: This has cool dude walking into the coffee shop in slow mo vibes all over it.

Glorious Day: For the lyrics “Gonna make my move, Gonna make it stay, Gonna make it last.”

Island In The Sun: It’s a classic that makes you in fact want to run away to an island in the sun with a special someone.

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