Final Product


Teen Vogue X Parsons Online Fashion Cert

After creating my mockup I retained a better understanding of what I wanted my bag to look like. I wanted it on the smaller side but made all of artificial leather to give it a grunge but chic look (hence why I added a chain strap). I just love fur and it worked with my look I was going for so I sewed a layer on the front flap of the bag. People are always looking for an easy going out bag but since I like to travel and most fashion bloggers do, then I wanted it to be a fabric that is packable. My fake leather fabric was great because it is SUPER soft and flexible. Since fur is in, I think it will sell really well. I posted a picture on INSTAGRAM and I had numerous people say they loved it and wanted me to make them one!

The cost of the purse or at least to make a mockup of it will cost around $85–90. I would like to sell it around that price since I think $105 is too pricey. I think that is very doable because I bought way too much fabric and had a lot of extra so it is doable to lower the production price which can lower the buying price.


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