Freeing your clothes from stains is easier than you’d think


Fixing your damaged clothes might sound difficult, but there are indeed lots of simple options lying around the house.

Stains are not irreversible

Stains on your clothes are always quite upsetting. Whether they ruin your old jeans or your newly acquired shirt, those little sartorial nuisances are often thought to be irreversible. However, you might be surprised to know that there are indeed ways to fix your damaged items. But how, you might ask… Is there a new, revolutionary laundry detergent out there? Or should you rather drive up to the dry cleaning store and attempt to get your clothes rejuvenated for a hefty price? Well, none of that is necessary. You can actually make your clothes spotless again from the comfort of your house. There are myriads of homemade remedies that could help you out without causing much hassle, all while being inexpensive on top of that!

Here is how to efficiently remove various types of stains

The first thing that you have to remember is that you should treat a stain as early as possible. Time allows substances to set into cloth, so the faster you act, the better your chances get at eliminating a dirty spot. Secondly, be sure to run a test before using your chosen stain removing product. This will prevent any unwanted fabric damage.

Red Wine Stains

To save you fancy clothes from the eyesores that are wine stains, recourse to club soda. First, soak the garment to be treated in the solution, and then, wash it as you normally would.

Chocolate Stains

For this particular type of stain, you will actually have to wait for the chocolate to harden. When a crust has formed, use a butter knife or a spoon to scrape off the latter from your garment. Then, spray the stain with dry cleaning solvent. Be sure to use a solution that is appropriate for washables. Finally, massage the dry cleaning solvent into the stain and then rinse with warm water. Repeat for as many times as necessary.

Blood Stains

Blood stains need to be treated as fast as possible. First, rinse the stain with cold water while gently rubbing the blood away with your fingers. If this does not work out, you can simply try to soak the garment in a solution of ammonia and water for 20 minutes.

Grass Stains

For grass stains, the best solution would be to recourse to a stain stick. The latter can be bought at pretty much any supermarket or corner store and works like a charm. Just blot the substance from the stick onto the stain, and wait anywhere from one minute to one week before washing the garment as you normally would.

Ink Stains

Inks stains are known to be particularly difficult to get rid of. So if you have suffered the injuries caused by a leaky marker or an unlucky pen stroke, you will be more than happy to learn that solace can be found in the form of milk and vinegar. Both liquids will break down the chemical composition of the ink once the damaged part of the garment is left to soak into them overnight. Once this is done, all you need is to do is to rinse normally.

Hope these tricks help you get out all of your toughest stains!

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