FRESCO Community Update: 09.27.2018

Dear FRESCO Community,

From 09.03.2018 we will start our Community Update series, sharing with you news regarding FRESCO.

As a blockchain team navigating in the art world with no ICO, we are doing things diligently and carefully, trying to share with you only the news that are consolidated.

No matter the outlook of the market, we will keep working. Because as you see from our previous articles, building a blockchain ledger of artwork provenance validated by people’s trust is only a part of what we aim to do, promoting artists, galleries, organizations globally is our ultimate goal.

This process will include aspects such as helping artists secure collaborations with trending brands from Fashion and Beauty industries, offering talented artists globally a chance to display their best works in the best neighborhood of major art cities such as New York, London, Hong Kong…

We are still working relentlessly on this journey.

Thank you for being here with us.



(1) FRESCO Space secured iconic artworks from contemporary artists Austin Lee and Melike Kara.

FRESCO Space has secured iconic artworks from Austin Lee and Melike Kara.

Austin Lee merges abstraction and figuration, humor and pathos, in his exuberantly expressive and utterly contemporary paintings and sculptures. True to the age in which he works, his paintings begin as iPad sketches, and he has used a 3-D printer for some of his sculptures. As he describes his painting process: “I usually start with a digital drawing on my iPad…. If the drawing is worth exploring further, I will make a painting with the drawing as the starting point…. If it goes well, something magical happens during the translation and I end up with something worth looking at.” Working from small- to large-scale, he covers every inch of his canvases with color, utilizing acrylic and vinyl paint. The latter is known for its matte finish and brilliant hues, which make elements of Lee’s compositions appear to pop and glow.

In her expressionist, rustic figures, Melike Kara negotiates the relationship between forms and gestures to explore social relationships and individual subjective states. A student of Rosemarie Trockel, Kara focuses on the immediacy of bodily forms rendered through frenetic accumulations of lines or small, misshapen clay figures. Regardless of media, Kara’s work is unmistakably of the artist’s hand. Although composed of simple forms and mostly monochromatic colors, the Cologne-based artist’s pieces attempt to convey emotional and psychological energy through gesture. Kara translates complex constellations of energy and feeling into recognizable forms placed in novel relation to one another.

FRESCO Space is dedicated to displaying artworks from both established and emerging artists and host brand collaborations between FRESCO and other trendsetting brands. FRESCO Space will be one of the first pioneering art spaces in NYC for global art to merge and interact closely with the game-changing brands that have been impacting our culture.

For platform safety concerns, FRESCO’s alpha version will not be open-sourced until it’s fully tested by our engineering team and testing art professionals. We are working diligently on the blockchain platform delivery, as dealing with artwork data is quite sensitive and requires a lot of revisions from the feedbacks of our testing artists, galleries, and organizations.

When it’s fully-functional and up to our standard, we will release it via


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