FRESCO Community Update: 10.10.2018

Dear FRESCO Community,

From 09.03.2018 we will start our Community Update series, sharing with you news regarding FRESCO.

As a blockchain team navigating in the art world with no ICO, we are doing things diligently and carefully, trying to share with you only the news that are consolidated.

No matter the outlook of the market, we will keep working. Because as you see from our previous articles, building a blockchain ledger of artwork provenance validated by people’s trust is only a part of what we aim to do, promoting artists, galleries, organizations globally is our ultimate goal.

This process will include aspects such as helping artists secure collaborations with trending brands from Fashion and Beauty industries, offering talented artists globally a chance to display their best works in the best neighborhood of major art cities such as New York, London, Hong Kong…

We are still working relentlessly on this journey.

Thank you for being here with us.



(1) FRESCO will attend NYC “ArtTech + Blockchain Connect” hosted by New Art Academy on October 24, 2018.

FRESCO is proud to annouce that we will participate in NYC “ArtTech + Blockchain Connect” hosted by New Art Academy on October 24, 2018.

This event brings together art market specialists, collectors, technologists and financial analysts for a full day of discussions and talks on the crossover of art with blockchain, AI and other innovative technologies.

Tickets are very limited and you can purchase on the link above.

(2) FRESCO Foundation Announces 2018/19 Research Project Focus: Street Art & Millennial Culture

The 2018/2019 academic year at FRESCO Foundation will be devoted to Street Art & Millennial Culture.

From the street art that transforms local communities and inspires free spirits, to the fashion crossovers that marry luxurious handcrafts to bold manifestoes, the chemistry between street art and millennial culture is becoming a reflexive mirror of our society. Street artists are leading us to coil the complicated daily happenings into an active inquisition towards our inner selves. The Baudelairian flaneurs can be surprised by how the creative individuals today interact with the urban landscape and cast their influence massively. The Street Art and Millennial Culture project will bring together a group of thinkers to this devoted and ongoing research. The research will come in a series of publications, symposiums, and social events.

(3) FRESCO Foundation Announces The First FRESCO Talk

“Insights From An Millennial Collector” will launch the FRESCO Talk series. FRESCO Talk series aims to bring artists, gallerists, museums professionals, scholars, and collectors together and share their insights with the millennial generation.

FRESCO Foundation invites young collector Roy Huang to talk about his way of collecting, how to build relationships with gallerists and artists, and how to discover a great artwork that appreciates in value over time. He is looking at the next generation of Andy Warhol, such as Alex Gardner, Sam Friedman, Cleon Peterson, Daniel Arsham, and Melike Kara, along with the leading figures of contemporary art scene like Takashi Murakami.

The talk will be held at FRESCO Foundation’s New York location, along with an exhibition of Takashi Murakami, Araki, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol’s distinguished artworks.

A reception to follow after the talk with free drinks and snacks.

Limited seating & food only for 30 people.

Date: Oct 13, 2018

Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

For platform safety concerns, FRESCO’s alpha version will not be open-sourced until it’s fully tested by our engineering team and testing art professionals. We are working diligently on the blockchain platform delivery, as dealing with artwork data is quite sensitive and requires a lot of revisions from the feedbacks of our testing artists, galleries, and organizations.

When it’s fully-functional and up to our standard, we will release it via


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