Gents, Here’s How to Look Subtly Stylish for the Office

By Ryan Hong, for ZCOOP Singapore

There are those among us who work in fashion or for startups and get to go casual chic on a normal workday. But how can the majority of white-collared workers dress to stand out in a conservative workplace? Doesn’t help that there’s a dress code to adhere to as well, and sometimes we need to be straight-jacketed into black-and-white formal clothing.

But as the old saying goes, the devil is in the details, and subtle accessories can and do matter. Here are five ways to flaunt your sartorial taste:

1) Belt Buckle

One way to bring some attitude to your corporate wear while looking polished is by showcasing a bold belt buckle. Just think Agent Seeley Booth’s “cocky” belt buckle from the TV series “Bones”.

2) Tie-clip

If your workplace requires you to wear a tie daily, a classic tie-clip or tie-bar is another way you can add touch of sophistication to your look. Functionality aside, this would also allow you to stand out by looking smarter, bringing some style to an otherwise staid outfit.

3) Cufflinks

Cufflinks can add a personal flavour to your dress-shirts. For instance, you could wear cufflinks with the logo of your alma mater to that alumni gathering, or proclaim your adoration for your favourite soccer club with a pair bearing their emblem when soccer season kicks in. For informal events, a pair of multi-coloured silk-knot cufflinks would also make a statement.

4) Glasses

In the business world, perception is key, and one scientifically-backed method of appearing smarter is to wear a pair of eyeglasses. A pair of vintage tortoiseshell frame or cat-eye number lets you make a bold statement, and are suitable for both formal and informal wear.

5) Zany Socks

Lastly, get playful by contrasting a charcoal-grey or navy-blue suit with a pair of zany socks. Incorporate a variety of (bright) colours or an array of patterns for some understated fun. Socks have the added advantage of remaining hidden for the most part, so you can express your individuality without looking over-the-top.

What other ways can you spice up your office attire? Share your style tips in the Comments section below!