Get Outta Your Head and In the Wilderness with Andrew McMahon

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Who is He?

Andrew McMahon is the piano-punk savior of our generation. The man behind Something Corporate has been tickling those lucky ivories for 20 (!!) years now, despite the devastatingly-long hiatus SoCo has been on for the majority of his career. McMahon’s relatable piano-rock anthems created a dedicated fanbase from the start, helping him find immediate success with his initial side project Jack’s Mannequin. Since 2014, he’s been releasing his music under Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness and Upside Down Flowers marks his third album under that moniker. If he has taught us anything in the past 20 years, it’s that it doesn’t matter what name he goes by; McMahon’s voice still rings strong.

You’ll Like If You Enjoy:

  1. Something Corporate
  2. Jack’s Mannequin
  3. Grizfolk
  4. Vacationer
  5. Bleachers
  6. Ben Folds
  7. Vance Joy

My Take

One of my strongest memories of being 13 is sitting on my bedroom floor, on the phone with my boyfriend at the time, saying absolutely nothing because we were both too nervous to speak. This happened night after night, and each night I had my burned, purple CD-R copy of Something Corporate’s Leaving Through the Window spinning on low volume next to me. We typically didn’t talk through the entire album before hanging up.

That’s the thing about Andrew McMahon — he always manages to say what is right in front of our eyes but often left unspoken, and so frequently he manages to do this with his piano just as much as his words. The inexplicable angst that comes along with being a teenager is never as loud as it is on the piano chords of “If U C Jordan,” just as the weariness of living in 2018 is unspeakably ever-present on Upside Down Flowers. There’s sadness and there’s wisdom, but it’s all laced with McMahon’s trademark pop lean that makes everything sound just a little bit better than it seems. Even when he’s describing the same sky I wake up to every day, he manages to nail the sparkle of the sun and the color of the clouds in a way that my eyes never have the energy to notice. Almost as though he’s got a secret view of the world…upside down.

Favorite Tracks

“Teenage Rockstars” — Reflecting on his start with Something Corporate, this song sounds like what it felt like to live through that experience, and I say that from a fan perspective.

“Blue Vacation” — One of my favorite things about Andrew McMahon’s writing is his ability to take the listener on a sonic rollercoaster through his melodies and Blue Vacation is no exception.

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