Gigi Hadid Found a Sports Bra As Sultry As Lingerie

Sports bras are one of those items were function is definitely more importance than appearance. That said, just because you need a bra that will support you through a gym session doesn’t mean you can’t find one that’s also super stylish. Enter: Gigi Hadid’s Reebok version. 

As you may know, Hadid has been tapped as the face of the brand’s #PerfectNever campaign. In New York this week, she joined a handful of other inspiring women, including Lena Dunham and Zoë Kravitz, at a panel discussion dedicated to Reebok’s initiative. Wearing Reebok’s Dance Strappy Bra ($50) and Studio Reflective Jacket ($250), Hadid dolled out some sage advice. “A lot of people expect us to be perfect, and it’s often the times when we haven’t been perfect that have made us more human and more relatable,” she said at the event. Amen to that. 

Scroll down to see Gigi Hadid’s outfit and shop the pieces she’s wearing!

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