Gigi Hadid Shows Off Her Moles in a Bikini Photo

Summer might be coming to an end, but that hasn’t stopped Gigi Hadid from soaking in as much sun as she can. The 23-year-old model took to her Instagram story on Wednesday to share a cute bikini selfie in celebration of her final weeks of summer.

The picture featured the eldest Hadid sister in scalloped bikini with two gold necklaces, which may or may not be dedicated to her boyfriend, Zayn Malik. But it wasn’t Hadid’s accessories that caught our attention, it was the smattering of beautiful moles and freckles on her stomach and décolletage that had us singing.

Though Hadid has had her moles since, well, she was born, fans have rarely seen a close-up picture of her birth marks like the one she shared on Friday. And though the freckles on Hadid’s face in the selfie are unfortunately a filter, the different-size moles across her body are all natural and real.

Gigi Hadid

Photo: Instagram (@GigiHadid).

Looking good, G.

Credit photo. StyleCaster