Glossier Unveils New Cloud Paint Colors

Blush application can get tricky in the summer, depending on your skin’s condition and the weather, so breathable, easy-to-apply formulas are key. And if product reviews and Instagram chatter are any indication, Glossier’s Cloud Paint checks all of these boxes.

Glossier Cloud Paints


The pillowy, gel-cream texture has long been available in a 4, universally-flattering shades and now, the brand is finally adding more color options to its repertoire. Today marks the unveiling of “Dawn” and “Storm.” The former is described as a sunny coral, while the latter is a warmer, more subtle rose.

Glossier Cloud Paints


Like the older shades, these can literally be finger-painted onto the skin, making at least part of your routine way less complicated and a little more fun. In case you’re new to the Cloud Paint hype, here’s a breakdown of all 6 options:

Dawn: A sunny coral, like you spent a restful weekend on a yacht

Storm: A warm rose shade that leaves a flushed-from-the-cold look on cheeks

Puff: A light, cool pink that creates a healthy brightening effect

Beam: A coral-peach shade that gives skin a warm, energized glow

Dusk: A brownish nude that enhances bone structure, warms skin, and adds definition

Haze: A berry shade that looks like the perfect post-workout flush (minus the workout)

Purchase one–or all six!–over at Glossier’s website for just $18 each.


Credit photo. StyleCaster