Leather grade

“There are two indicators of the classification of leather, one is the main part of the damage area, the other is the percentage of total skin use. Below 5% damage area and use rate of not less than 90 percent of cattle leather raw materials (leather) belongs to a (a) level; 10% damage, rate of not less than 80% for the second (b); 15% damage, using rate of not less than 70% of the three-level © leather, detected by sampling evaluation level, scope of damage detection contains rotten, salt red hair removal, tick bite horsefly eyes, yellow spots or pock, cuts broken hole, scanning knife, lime egeneration.

The classification of leather is for the whole cattle leather, and the womens leather belts of the body is in the order of gradual cutting, cutting is completed, can manually pick out the impact of the beautiful body. So for leather belt products, the impact of the level of leather is a product of the risk of damage in the production process, there is the cost of the manufacturer, rather than the belt finished scar damage probability. The factors that really affect the product are the kinds of leather materials, the process of post processing and beautification, and the way of transportation and storage. “

(Original article published by China belt factory Jun Hong please indicate the source http://www.junhongbelt.com)