If you need a new car stereo you would do well to do some research first. After all you are going to spend money and you should do it wisely by choosing the right system for you.

The best Car Audio UK for you is the one that fits your budget, your car and also gives you the best sound for your money.

A modern stereo system is not all about music and radio anymore. There are gadgets that can let you listen to your mobile devices and hook your telephone up to answer it hands free.

We have just recently learnt that there are going to be stiffer penalties for drivers who cause fatal accidents whilst texting or answering their phone whilst behind the wheel of their car.

You need to know that head units are produced in double and single DIN. Of course they both work well, but it all depends which one will fit your dashboard.

It stands to reason that the single DIN version is smaller than the double DIN variety because the latter is twice as tall and if you are not careful it could disfigure the look of your dash.

The reason for this is that they have been fitted with a screen unit and they are a better choice if you are interested in functions other than simply playing your music.

Whatever you should choose to put in your car is largely a personal preference, but some of these units come with a hefty price tag. In order to stay within your budget you need to realise with a little research that there are great systems available with a reasonable price tag.

There are plenty of simple entry models that will give you the chance of playing your music and plugging in your mobile device. You will just have to decide which one to go for. Furthermore you can listen to some systems in your local music store before you buy.

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