Hillary Clinton needs no introduction. She has served the country for years. Recently, she served as a Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. She grew up in Chicago. Her political career spans over several years where she has worked for welfare of children, reforming policies and diplomacy with other countries.

Looking back at 2016

She played a pivotal role in 2016. Being the first lady nominee from a major party in USA she provided a lot of hope to young women population. As a part of her campaign she was able to get a movement started where people showed support to her with #ImwithHer . Her impeccable styling with the ‘pantsuit’ to be more specific the Mao style pantsuit became somewhat of a trend as well. On election day, a number of female supporters came to ballots in pantsuit for supporting her. She got endorsement from most of the fashion industry such as Vogue as well as a bevy of savvy fashion designers . Thanks to her it was a great year for campaign merchandise as well. The results were not in her favor but we recognize her as a force which united the country and gave hope to many.