Helping David in the Land of Goliaths


Can I get a Subscribe, Like/Share & Favorite/Follow for Black Friday Daily’s Deal-linking Customized Fashion App?

“Do what?!!” 
Yes, I am shamefully putting the Ask and you shall receive theory to the test. 
Let’s see what happens with the power of positive postings (see below). I will share the results of this favor-seeking social experiment next week.

Thanking you most kindly in advance, 
Debra Mooradian 
CEO / Founder, Black Friday Daily, Inc.

“You mean I don’t have to waste time searching for fashion deals and looking through junk I’d never buy or is most likely sold out in my size?!!” “That’s right. The bfd app is personalized and links you right to the sale.” “Wow.”

Favor #1: Subscribe to learn when the bfd app launches in the Apple Store at Beta’s a bitch, but worth it; bfd keeps improving.

Favor #2: Facebook’s Like/Share. Here you’ll find thoughts, outfits and atmosphere postings but sorry, no talking babies or stupid pet tricks. We know the Value of The Thumbs-up.

Favor #3: Instagram brings out the fun creative side with original pics and musings to ingest and i-heart at stop lights… on hold… or waiting in line at the check-out counter…

Building a brand one follower at a time…
It was so hard to hit the Publish button, but I did it!


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