Lol so embarrassing!!

Hey everyone! As this picture suggests, I’m back at my parent’s house for the holidays, and I stumbled upon some pictures of me as a childbaby that I just HAD to share.

Like many of you, I’m now much more attractive than this picture of me at age 9 would suggest I’d turn out. By posting this photo, I’m showing that I’m down-to-earth and that I can laugh at myself, while also subtly highlighting how well I turned out, appearance-wise, considering what I had to work with!

I also love this picture, because I look soooo adorable, in the way that only children somehow look cutest when they’re actually at the peak of aesthetic awkwardness. Plus, we can all laugh about the god-damn fugly fashion trends that dominated children’s fashion in the 90s. Leggings with baggy shirts and chokers LOL crazy who would wear that today hahaha lmfao haha btw does anyone know if the Limited Too is still open asking for a friend?

So enjoy this throwback, Facebook friends! It’s a reminder that childhood is an awkward, scary, and confusing time that probably shouldn’t be photographed as heavily as it as, and also that we all look better without buck teeth.