Fashion capital Paris has been host to several global fashion shows. However, it is surprising that the city has never hosted Victoria’s Secret Fashion (VSF) show so far. 2016 changed all that, with the extravagant VSF Fashion Show being held here at the Grand Palais on Wednesday.

The show began with a string orchestra playing beautiful tunes from within a massive Arc de Triomphe structure. Once the actual show started, red neon lights were seen all over the ramp.

Speaking of the music, many big names descended at the VSF Fashion Show. Lady Gaga was seen serenading the crowds amidst loud cheers, and so was Bruno Mars. Model Bella Hadid’s ex-boyfriend The Weeknd was also seen performing at the show.

Trends in hair colour

No artificial hair colour was used to highlight any model’s beautiful strands. In fact, there was a deliberate attempt to let it all remain natural. Even Angolan model Maria Borges was allowed to sport her TWA, or Teeny Weeny Afro.

Kendal Jenner returns to the ramp

After a long hiatus, Kendal Jenner was seen back on the ramp. She was as confident, beautiful and radiant as ever.

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd had some moments

Though the two have broken up, one couldn’t help but notice the attention they were still giving each other on the ramp. Both shared intense stares at each other as The Weeknd performed and Bella did the catwalk. Who knows, their story may not be over yet!

Hairstyles visible at the fashion show

Thousands of women envy the fashionable hair styles adorned by Victoria’s Secret models. Though every year hair extensions are used, models got their hair styled as per their personal preferences. There is no specific haircut or a particular hair colour, as everything was accepted this year. Long tresses and curls were sported by most, while a few cropped their hair short.

Trendy nail designs

Red Carpet Manicure was the official sponsor for Victoria’s Secret Show 2016. Celebrity manicurist partnered with Red Manicure to come up with some astonishing nail designs. Encrusted Swarovski crystals with a crushed crystal in between were created here.


Model Irina Shayk was pregnant and came up with revealing lingerie under a golden satin robe. The dressing was quite a surprise as it did not reveal any signs of a baby bump. Lady Gaga managed to change into five outfits across three performances. Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid got their wings, while Cindy Bruna was dressed in a tres Parisienne black lace lingerie, highlighted with gossamer wings.