How Slow Fashion got me

I often hear people say fashion is their lifestyle, sometimes even their life. I admit, fashion has a crazy ability to spark creativity and express it in a cheap, fast and simple way. Just as many others, I gather inspiration from fashion and lifestyle blogs. The difference nowadays though is that I can watch, but necessarily not have to touch.

I’ve recently gone through a year being a complete fashion minimalist. Not a single purchase of clothing in a year. The first month was tricky but as time goes by, that longing for new clothes disappeared. I had every piece of garment I needed and was fine with it. I pondered upon my wardrobe and found ways to see the true value in the garments hanging there. I was inspired by a community where people tied emotional bonds to their clothes, and I followed.

To make this transformation, I needed to change my mindset towards stuff. The key was an increased rate of utilization per garment, decisive in issues on sustainable fashion. It was all about transferring my creativity, from deciding what’s going to be on the shopping list, to truly bond with the clothes I already had. I started simple by wearing timeless clothes in great quality.

Now I’m stuck in this way of approaching the things we call stuff, especially clothing. I love the thought of just having what I need — a simple damn life. I’ve embraced the opportunity of a low impact lifestyle and really left the world of materialism for good. I was often taught that what matters is what I buy, not necessarily how much I consume. Reading and learning gave me the truth.


It’s the volumes that matters, don’t forget that. If we are able to appreciate the value in our clothes, we’re on a journey to a far better future.