How to Choose The Earrings Complementing Your Face Shape?

Many of the times you might have struggled with getting the proper pair of earrings not only matching to your clothes but also complementing the shape of your face. Well, earrings are considered as a very small piece of jewellery, but they play a vital role in enhancing your natural beauty, and if you are not wearing a suitable pair, it can spoil your look. So, it is important to choose the earrings highlighting your facial structure and complementing the shape.

Earrings for Women

To find the earrings matching your face shape, you have to know what shape of face you are having. You can find it out by tracing your face on the mirror with the help of a lipstick. Faces are of 6 shapes; round, square, oval, heart, long and diamond. So, here are a few tips for selecting the earrings for girls matching various shapes.

  1. Round face- If you have a round shape, all the sides of your shape are at the same length from the tip of your nose, and the widest part will be your cheekbones. So, drop earrings will perfectly match your face. You can also try tapered ones as they will help in making your face look elongated. Chandelier earring will also do a great job for you. Try Dazzling Drop Post Dangler Earrings in Soft green from Fourseven. They will look beautiful on your face shape.

2. Oval face- People with oval face shape have a slightly wider forehead, and face is round from the jawline to the chin. You can consider yourself lucky as almost all types of earrings can suit your face from pearl earrings to studs and the round ones. They will highlight your facial structures and make you look stunning. So, explore the wide variety of earrings for girls or women from Fourseven and make a collection of at least one from all types.

3. Square face- The width of jawline and forehead is almost similar for the square face with a square chin. Hoop, drop and rounded earrings can look great on this face shape. They help in balancing the angles of the face. You must try the options like Be All Heart Hoop Baalis, Royal Rawa earrings and a wide variety of drop earrings from Fourseven. However, avoid using square ones.

4. Heart face- In such type of faces, the forehead is wider than the jawline, and the chin is more pointed. If you have a heart-shaped face, you must go for dangling earrings. They will help in lessening the angle around the area surrounding your chin and make it look rounded. A pair of teardrop earrings can also work for you. Explore the wide variety of danglers from Fourseven and choose the ones you like.

5. Diamond face- If your cheekbone is wider than your forehead and chin, you have a diamond face. All types of studs, as well as Jhumka earrings, can suit the best for this face shape. You can check the collection of studs on Fourseven. At the same time, you can search for the jhumkas as well.

6. Long Face- The width of the long face is narrow, but it is lengthy. Dangler earrings that are rounded at the bottom can add the roundness to your face. All types of studs can also look stunning on this type of face. Royal Oxidised Oval Dangler Earrings from fourseven can be a great choice if you have a long face.

Now, when you are well aware of what suits the best to the shape of your face, you will always have a nice pair of earrings that will complement your look.