How to Do Jeans and a T-Shirt The RIGHT Way (GALLERY)

Posted by MANNER on FEBRUARY 20, 2016

Few things have endured throughout the twentieth century, at least in the realm of men’s fashion, like jeans and a t-shirt. They allowed Brando to morph into Stanley Kowalski. They were the uniform of The Ramones and then thousand of their imitators. Try picturing Bruce Springsteen without his signature jeans/t-shirt/kerchief-in-back-pocket from the cover of Born in the USA.

Next up : General George Patton

But what was for decades the go-to combo for both working-class men and celebrities has become the lazy man’s way of phoning it in, outfit-wise. Granted, throwing on a pair of Levi’s and a Hane’s undershirt are quick and convenient and require little to no thought, but why has this become an excuse to be lazy and look like a complete schlub?

Even you Zac. Even you.

So, in the interest of time and not wanting to see any more of you falling victim to looking like you sell propane (and propane accessories,) here are some looks to inspire you to look your best in what we’re referring to as the “American” uniform.