How to Draw Spiderman and Venom

Sadly this week a great man called Stan Lee died. He was a man full of passion who wanted to share it with all of us. He created the Marvel Universe, allowed us to escape from our world for a while but also allowed us to dream. Dream of being superheroes, dream of makng our own iuniverse and dream mof being a success in life.

So this week in honour of this great man we here at PassionDig searched for a great artist (Darkonator) to help teach you how to draw one of Stan Lee’s iconic characters Spiderman and since Venom is popular this year we threw him in to.

We hope you enjoy.

Start with a simple shape to sketch out the face from. Add the facial guidelines like so.
Draw in the structure of Spiderman’s face shape first on the left side like you see here.
Now you will draw in Venom’s face structure and shape along with some of the mouth outline.
Starting on the right side, we will draw in Venom’s sharp pointed teeth which are also cone shaped. They almost look like teeth from a piranha.
Next, draw in the long, thick slithering tongue that has a crooked curve. Add the indent line down the center of the tongue and make sure it tappers off into a point at the end.
The detailing that you will draw along the far right side of Venom’s face is also his mouth and teeth. The stretched open mouth has some torn flesh or dripping slim that makes it seem connected to the bottom jaw. Draw in the long slender outline of the open mouth like so, then add the small teeth as they lay tight together.
Next, begin sketching out the skin detailing above the top part of the mouth which is also a tight wrinkle or crinkle. The lining should be dark in some areas.
You can now sketch in some of the sharp teeth on the bottom jaw and as you can see there is only three. Add detailing to the gum line, then proceed to step nine where you will draw in the rest of Venom’s face.
All you have to do now is sketch out the hook shaped rough lined eye. There should be points and contouring at the same time.
Now we can start drawing Spider-Man’s face. Start with the almond shaped eye that should be just as large as Venom’s. Add the inner shape to create the border around the eye as seen on his mask.
Add the stripes that flow down the face. As you know these lines will help create the web design of his costume.
Lastly, sketch in the small curved lines across the vertical lines you just made in step eleven. This will make the web effect. Erase the mistakes and guides so you can add texture detailing to Venom’s face as you will see in the line art.


We hope that you Marvel fans out there have enjoyed creating this piece of art and that it has brought some fond memories back. Please comment below to pay tribute to Stan Lee and to let us know how you got on with your drawing.

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