How to Show Off Your Jewelry in the Workplace

Jewelry is one of the best ways to express your individuality with accessories. Showing the world your favorite bold statement necklace can be so exciting. The workplace, however, is a place where the jewelry line becomes a bit blurry. How do you know what is appropriate? How do you ensure that your jewelry isn’t too flashy for the business-casual environment? Jewelry fanatics love to show off their favorite jewelry pieces, but it can be difficult to determine what is appropriate for the workplace. This article will give you an in-depth guide on how to appropriately wear jewelry in the workplace in the classiest way possible.

Simplicity is key

Business casual attire is never really that exciting. Outfits are simple, yet classy, in an effort to not draw too much attention. We completely agree that work should be about work, so that’s why it’s important to keep your jewelry simple when you head off to the office. Simple jewelry can take a boring business casual pant suit to the next level, and make it much more stylish. Instead of just wearing your all black pencil skirt and blazer, add a delicate pendant necklace and a dainty gemstone ring.

Choose one bold accessory

It’s easy to go overboard when styling jewelry for work. You want to avoid a look that’s “too much” for a work setting. When choosing your jewelry in the morning, only choose one accessory that’s bold. Avoid anything flashy, but a cute statement necklace is a great way to make a boring office outfit a bit more exciting. Stay away from wearing big earrings, a statement necklace, and a flashy ring. The combination of multiple statement pieces will make you look unprofessional. One quality statement piece is better than a few lower-quality pieces.

Remember that it’s okay to wear just earrings

Jewelry lovers tend to get into the mindset that you pick out a bracelet, a necklace, and a pair of earrings that go well together to complete your look. In the workplace, this is not always the case. It may feel weird to leave the house wearing earrings as your only piece of jewelry for the day, but just remember that this is okay for the workplace. In fact, this is one of the classiest ways to show off your quality jewelry at work. A pair of earrings will compliment your look all throughout the day without drawing a ton of attention from coworkers. Earrings are a tiny accessory that will leave you feeling put together and ready to tackle a day of work like a pro!

Avoid any noise

Admit it, we all love those bracelets that cling every time you move, but this isn’t appropriate for the workplace. You’ll want to avoid any jewelry that clicks and clangs around the office, as that can be really distracting to everyone working around you. If you can hear your bracelets clanking as you’re walking, it’s probably best to save those for a different occasion. Keep it simple and stick with pieces of jewelry that don’t draw a lot of attention.

Express yourself

Even though it’s important to keep your jewelry to a minimum at the office, it’s still okay to express yourself. Do you love the way a good statement ring makes you feel? Does your favorite necklace give you a confidence boost? Don’t be afraid to wear items that make you feel proud. Remember, you don’t have to wear it all at once. In fact, you probably shouldn’t. Express yourself by wearing small pieces that show your personality. For example, if you have a classic and timeless style, show your personality by wearing a dainty pair of pearls to work. Pearls look good with any outfit and always add an extra bit of class to your look. If your style is more boho, go with a gemstone pendant to express your style.

Choosing the right jewelry for the workplace can be stressful, but this guide will help you to decide what’s appropriate and what’s not. Showing off your jewelry at work is completely acceptable, you just have to do it right. If you wear it right, jewelry can add so much to your everyday business casual look for work!