How to turn Minimalism into a personal style.

We can all agree, that nearly every woman’s weakness is clothes. To even think that we would throw out or donate all our beloved Topshop and Zara garments in order to wear the same basic ones over and over again would make us feel slightly ill….right? Think again! I’m going to tell you why that is exactly what you need to do.

Minimalism by definition means a design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create a maximum effect. Ever heard of the phrase ‘less is more’? This is where it works perfectly. Imagine waking up and only spending 5 minutes getting ready in the morning…sounds amazing, right?

Here are some easy steps to achieve those magical 30 minutes of extra sleep:

  1. Invest in a quality coat or two. Note I said quality. A wool blend coat in a basic colour like Camel or Grey, instantly adds a touch of class to any outfit you decide to put together. Like this example below containing 79% wool…

2. Buy yourself a roll neck jumper in a neutral colour as this is such a simple basic you can throw on during the day or night. The roll neck not only adds extra warmth, but it helps to elongate the neck and accentuates the line of your jaw.

3. A quality pair of jeans or trousers. Enough said. Everyone needs jeans. Get a good pair.

4. Find a pair of leather ankle boots. Depending on your decision on buying a pair with a high heel or not, this is a quality investment your feet will thank you for during cold seasons.