The pants , which lived its golden age in the last few decades, is back. These pants fluids and high-waisted again became fashionable and appeared in all the fashion magazines and in all stores.

But how to wear these pants? Here are some tips for you.

The pants is ideal for a chic look. Katherine Hepburn wore in the 40’s (who was one of the most bold and elegant women of the time) and many actresses have made fashionable in the 70s.

This type of pants you go especially well if you are tall, but if you are petite, you should not give it up completely. Choose only the pants broad united (avoid patterns) and never forget the heels.

The best way to wear wide leg pants is to combine it with a plain top. Choose a simple linen shirt and neutral color so it does not steals your pants off. Use neutral colors, for example, with the clash of two basic colors like black and white, and to create very elegant looks.

If you are looking to recreate the look very chic women wore in the 40s, combine your linen pants with a satin shirt or a style Lady Like. A sleeve which is closed on the top with a node is ideal for this.

A key element when buying a pants is its length: if you want it you go and have a look suitable, it will always go up to the waist .

As regards the length, the theme is the taste of the consumer. Some bloggers and fashion experts accept wide pants to the ankle , but it is true that those who cover the shoe are much more elegant and create more chic looks. Be careful though that the length is not excessive or you risk stepping on your pants down.

Combine it with high heels to create a lighter and more elegant silhouette. Although the shoes are not seen (the pants covers), they will change the way you walk and the position of your legs.

When choosing which supplements wear with your pants off , you better bet on minimalism. Play with the volume and choose a small bag.