I spent 2018 buying no clothes, except these 3 items.

As 2018 began I started to think through some of the goals I’d target for the year. Some of them related to travel, learning, books to read and all the normal things folks write down.

One of my goals was to take a step back and attempt to spend $0 on clothes / wardrobe. I made one exception and that was for practical use clothes, but I still toiled over those decisions.

As I look into my closet I see a ton of clothes I just don’t wear, and I used to have a habit of buying 7–9 items that are identical because I really just hate shopping for clothes. So if I find something I like, I just buy enough to wear the same thing every day.

So here are the items I actually bought last year, and I damn sure don’t feel bad about it. I am quite happy that I met my goal (at least I tell myself I did).



SPF-50 Shirts:

Amazingly enough all of these items served a very useful purpose. Only one of them didn’t solve a practical problem for me.

The boots admittedly were an impulse purchase while visiting Nashville, because sometimes a guy needs a new pair of boots.

The Coveralls I bought at the beginning of spring because I was tired of messing up my good clothes while weed eating my yard. These paid for themselves the first time I mowed my 35 degree incline of a yard.

The SPF-50 shirt was because I got one of the worst sunburns of my life on an 8 hour+ kayak ride. So instead of letting that happen again I just wear sleeves when I kayak.

All in all, I am very happy to have struggled through the year with just the clothes I have. I have now branched out and purchased a few new pairs of shorts for my workouts and really I didn’t miss NOT buying this stuff. It’s amazing how taking a step back and thinking — does this bring me fulfillment and happiness? — helps you realize that no, it does not.