Yep, that looks about right … the perfect example of how the U.S. just never gets it.

We gave them Rave … and they became ‘candy ravers’.

If you’d turned up to any of the parties I’ve been to, any time from 1988 onward, dressed like any of the above, you’d’ve been tagged as undercover police and avoided like the plague — most especially in the 1990s!

We gave them Dubstep … and they turned it into ‘EDM’.



Or you could listen to actual Dubstep …

SKisM — Power (Eptic Rmx)

And Psytrance?

Let’s not even go there — by the time you’ve turned it into ‘Goa Trance’ not only will it just make me cry it’s so gutless but, furthermore, irritate the f*ck out of me because you’ve completely misunderstood Goa trance too!

Really, America, you need to start paying attention to things … look at the detail … learn about them properly — the World isn’t a line from a story by Philip K. Dick.

Because, until you do, the rest of us will simply continue to think …

SKisM — Rise of the Idiots (Funtcase Rmx)