I’ll Always Dye My Hair

I remember when I was young, walking through the beauty stores and hair dye aisles, thinking I can’t wait until my Mum lets me dye my hair!

As soon as I was allowed to, I was asking my mum non-stop to buy hair dye. She always warned me that once I started dying my hair I would never stop.

Off we went to buy for starters a wash out hair dye colour. I chose to go for a red colour, which due to my natural dark brown hair, the colour was only just visible. I started with only wash out colours because I was so nervous the colours wouldn’t look good on me.

The craze of ombre hair was going around the all girls high school that I attended, and with me being a shy and worried teenager that was easily influenced by others, I decided to go ombre too. My mum offered to take me to the hairdressers and get it professionally done, but I was happy to let her experiment on my hair. So we bought the ingredients to bleach and strip my hair of colour so I could have blonde on the tips. I was happy with the traditional ombre look I had and I kept for about six months.

I then thought about going blonde, however I couldn’t buy any wash out dye for this one. So with a little bit of convincing from others I decided to book an appointment and start with foils. I did this for about a year gradually getting blonder and blonder. The problem that occurred for me is how dry my hair became and how hard it was for me to maintain the blonde colour. I was always trying out different blonde shampoos and treatments to try and get rid of that golden tinge that kept showing up. In the end it became too much of an effort for me to want to keep the blonde hair.

So back to ombre I went.

My Blonde Hair

As I am always changing my mind and wanting a new hairstyle or colour, I then decided to colour my hair purple for a change. Due to the blonde ombre I had, the purple at the end of my hair was very vibrant.

After about two months of the purple colour it began to fade and back to ombre it was.

My Purple Hair

I was for a while determined to grow my hair to my natural hair colour but I didn’t succeed. I have now just today dyed my hair ombre with a Ash Blonde on the ends, and so far I love it.

My Ash Blonde Ombre Hair

The words of my mum back when I was sixteen were very true; once you start dying your hair, you never stop.

Tips When Dying Your Hair!

  • If you are dying your hair yourself, make sure you have enough dye. There’s nothing worse than having too little. (I normally buy two to three packets because my hair is thick)
  • For dying your hair blonde, make sure to use blonde shampoo and conditioner.
  • Purchase a moisturising hair treatment, as dying your hair can make it dry and can cause damage.