Industry Media Art Show Seoul 2018

임영선 Lim Youngsun <Under the skin> right, 채희석 Hisuk Chai <선 (Line)> 2018, video, new media, computer graphics
Another image of the above artwork.
노해율 Haeyul Noh <Layered Stroke> 2017, steel, polycarbonate, rotating electromotion device.
Video of <Layered Stroke> installation.
박근우 Geunwoo Park<Renew-새로운시작> 2018, stones LED lighting.
Team.17_April 이현정 Hyun Jeong Lee/김수연 Su Yeon Kim <Ticklish Wall> 2018, Arduino, sensors, motor, 2 beam projectors.
A collaboration between media artists from Ewha University and software engineering, Ticklish wall is a convergent art work mixing media art (Computer graphics), computer science (Arduino programming) and electrical engineering (tactile sensors).
<Water shadow> is a series of artworks started in 2011, mixing sculpture, videos and a beam projector.
Another image of the art work above.
Short video of the installation
문준용 Jun Yong Moon <Augmented Shadow> 2010, cube with QR code, beam projector, DVD (a rudimentary alternative of MS Surface Pixel Sense)
진시영 Si Young Jin <Flow 47> 2011, beam projector, video, CGI.
Another image of the above artwork.
한호 Han Ho <21 세기 최후의 만찬 (21 century last supper)> 2016, LED light black mirror, video.
Another background colour.
이재형 Jae Hyung Lee <Bending Matrix> 2018, LED lighting, synthetic resin, controller.
A different lightning pattern for the above artwork.
R401 is a discovery park in Yangpyeong, where visitors, downloading a dedicated app and interacting with it during the walk, will be assigned one of possible six personality types. The booth recreates a view in the park with the same bean bags and it is a resting and relaxing point in the exhibition.