You can also look this sharp

Around the world each morning we all wake up, choose what we are wearing for the day and then present ourselves to the world. Our parents dressed us when we were younger, then soon we learn the basics about clothes. Pants don’t go on your head, buttons go into holes, zippers go up and down.

In our teen years we might experiment a bit and find out where our comfort zone is. You found yours too probably in high school or college. Somewhere along the line in the history of society men got singled out as the sex that shouldn’t care about what they wear. To care too much about what you wear wasn’t seen as masculine.

Joseph Gordon Levitt showing off his range of fashion

But why shouldn’t we care? What you wear is one of the first things people notice about you, why not present your best?

I grew up in the 90s and suffered from the baggy hangover that was stuffed down my throat for years. This continued well into my late 20’s and I finally decided to make a change when I bumped into a guy at a party wearing the same shirt I had on, the same color shoes and jeans. Yet he looked so much sharper than I did. What was I doing wrong?

I set out to care just a little more about how I dressed and how I presented myself. It changed how people around me looked at me and boosted my confidence.

I hope to share this with others as I remember it seemed like a daunting task for me to figure out when I started, but I’ve started to see that it can be really simple.

James Dean looking sharp in a plain tee

Thus I bring to you Simple Style. I’ll share tips on how to dress better and save money while doing it! Dressing better isn’t hard. You just need to be disciplined and consistent with it.

Stay tuned for more articles.